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We offer soul care in private sessions, at group events and on guided trips.

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“The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God.”
St. Irenaeus (140–203 A.D.)

Each one of us, in some quiet moment, has had the sense that there must be more to life.. more purpose, more passion, more peace, more hope.  You’ve experienced that longing because you were made for more.  Living life to the full begins by returning to the origin of your Story, and becoming more aware of the One who created you.  It’s in the revelation that you’ve been loved by Him since before your birth – right to this very moment – that your heart begins to awaken.  You were made for this.  You have a purpose here.

Soul Friend‘s mission is to help you live fully alive by offering pastoral care and spiritual direction via private individual sessions, facilitated group retreats, and guided group trips around the island of Ireland.

We Serve
Creatives / Pastors / Entrepreneurs
Anyone Who Is Hungry For More

Soul Friend
operates as a non-profit (501c3) ministry department of A.C.T. International and is able to receive secure, tax deductible donations online to further our work of seeing people live fully alive.

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Launch out on an adventure of a lifetime as you traverse the island of Ireland, exploring ancient sites, enjoying breath-taking landscapes, and experiencing the local 'craic' (enjoyable interaction) - all while making new friends along the way! During each expedition you’ll be invited to reflect on your life's unfolding story through the stories of those who've gone before us, and be inspired to consider new possibilities ahead that you may have never imagined.
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‘Discovering Your Rhythm of Life: Ancient Wisdom for Living the Good Life’

[ebook digital download]

Ever had a desire to change the world? I do every day. That desire, while far from being out of touch with reality, was placed in you for a purpose. We’re created to live life to the full in our relationships and the creative, collaborative, world-shaping mission we’re called to fulfill. However, so many of us live distracted, diminished lives with a persistent sense that there’s more to life than we’re experiencing. You’re not alone. Through an exploration of ancient wisdom and perennial truth, you and I can become more of who we were created to be and live life fully, from the heart.

(ebook contains original photography from the island of Ireland)

[Re-release soon]


‘The Way’, A Reflective Journal Helping You Recognize God’s Call On Your Life

[digital download]

In an effort to help people recognize Jesus’ call to ‘Walk with Me’ and ‘Work with Me’, I wrote a reflective journal called ‘The Way’ based upon the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. The Way makes this time-tested Christian practice more accessible to new audiences.

Lectio Divina helps you begin to recognize how the Lord is speaking to you right now, in this moment. Inside is a brief explanation of the process of Lectio Divina, a sample reading/responses section, thirty one identical sessions with seven questions leading you through the process of Lectio Divina and a blank space for unpacking (writing or drawing) time with God. 

At the end of the resource there is a brief section on the early Irish Christian notion of the ‘thin space’, and an encouragement to invite a spiritual director (or the equivalent) in one’s life. This resource will be re-released here the first half of 2021 to encourage and support you as you journey with Jesus.

[Re-release soon]

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