Quietly in a Room Alone

credit: Jon Tyson, Unsplash.com

During this #COVID19 #pandemic, the most difficult situation has been reserved for those who’ve been infected with, and are in recovery from, the virus.. but even more painful by far the loss of those who’ve passed away due to the #virus. However, for some, submitting to the physical distancing mandates across the U.S. (and world!) has presented another type of challenge. I think this latter challenge stems, in part, from a number of factors: our fiercely independent/isolationist nature as Americans (human nature), our addiction to productivity, and our unwillingness to be at peace with ourselves/others.

17th century French mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal, once noted,

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

Maybe this is more true now than ever? So, as with most seasons of change or challenge, there is an inherent invitation from Our Father. That invitation is to ‘Draw more closely to me.’ Therefore, this mandated physical distancing can also serve a broader, more significant, purpose. Just as this season has become the impetus for us to connect with family or friends we live with, and reconnect remotely with others.. this time can also serve as an open door – and invitation – to walk more closely with Jesus Christ, who is God’s heart on display for us.

I posted about this short film some time ago, but I believe it is perfectly poised to inspire and challenge all of us at a time such as this. It’s called ‘Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known’. It was created by a [now] Anglican (ACNA) priest the Rev. Matt Canlis while he was serving in Scotland. This beautiful film extends an invitation to us to slow down, breathe deeply, and open our hearts to the One who has always passionately pursued us.. even to this very moment.

Recently, the Rev. Canlis released a book called ‘Backyard Pilgrim: 40 Days at Godspeed’ in which, Rev. Canlis states, “it’s critical that Christians ‘bloom where we are planted’ and develop a deep spirituality in our own context. So I conceived of a pilgrimage in your own backyard—a book that helps you be found where you already are..”.

You can read Christianity Today’s interview with him here:

During COVID-19, Congregations Can Bond as ‘Backyard Pilgrims’

However, I’d encourage you to view his film ‘Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known’ which was shot in Scotland first (see link below. May require signing up for a free Vimeo account). I pray each of us will respond positively to our good, good Father’s invitation in this intrepid season. Enjoy!

‘Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known’

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